I am Shira, 27 years old. Born and raised in Tel Aviv, I live, love and breathe this city.

My other passions, besides design, are fashion, traveling and spending my time on the beach.


At the age of 14 I began experimenting with my father’s film camera, and was completely taken away. I then decided to learn to develop my own photos, studying the endless options of developing.

Photography paved my path into the amazing art world. Next, I started to sketch and paint, and eventually I was accepted into Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts, from which I graduated in 2009.

After 2 years in the army and a year of traveling around the world, I went on to continue studying arts and design at the Visual Communication Department of Shenkar College of Engineering and Design. It is there, at Shenkar, that I became fascinated with motion and interactive design.


2018 - Freelance works

2017 - Facebook - Product Design Internship

2017 - Scribe - UI/UX designe

2016 - Meshica Sport - active wear brand